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Blogging The Simple Way

Today we are going to talk about one of the most important things you can be doing or having done to help you start to move up in Google to the top of the page. We do this regularly for our small business internet marketing clients and we know that it is one of the reasons they all rank so well.

A blog is basically a type of website. You can write or “post” to it much like typing in a microsoft Word document. It is that easy. There are several different platforms for blogging. The one we use for our clients is Word Press. It is easy to use and Google, Yahoo and Bing love Word Press. Also there are many word press templates available that look just like a regular website with regular pages like, services, products, about us, and directions, etc and one of those pages can be a blog. This is exciting because it allows you to create content on a regular basis (the search engines love that!) and each post counts as a page on your site. The more pages of relevant content on your site the better.

If you have a static html website, then you can get your webmaster to put a blog on your site or you can create a blog on one of several “web 2.0” properties which is what I am going to go over in today’s video. Below are links to these sites. Also if you want to get your own domain name and hosting account (that is where you put the website) then you can go to 1500 WP Themes and sign up for a free account and pick from over 1500 wp (word press) themes and this site guides you through how to set up everything. Super cool.[ Members Only Content - please sign up to view it... ]

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