About Us

Dr. Jamie Phillips is the founder of Bloczone Marketing, a highly-accomplished company dedicated to helping local small businesses “own the internet” in their towns.

She and her team of internet strategists have developed a system utilizing eight essential streams of traffic that works to keep a steady flow of new patients for her chiropractic clients around the globe. Having been the owner of three successful chiropractic practices over her 26 years of treating patients, Dr. Phillips has a passion for helping chiropractors succeed.

Over 90% of the clinics that she works with are on the first page of search results on Google, many in Position #1, and some with enough authority to claim multiple spots on the front page! Now, she and her team will be making these chiropractic marketing strategies available to the profession.

Nick Phillips has worked in the film industry In Los Angeles for seven years. He holds a degree in film from Michigan State University. He is the digital content, accounts manager and Pay Per Click guru for Bloczone Marketing.

From his office in sunny Southern California, Nick’s total focus is on creating content that converts. With his strong background in web development and digital media, he strives to be on top of this constantly changing industry. In his spare time he likes to enjoy the outdoors and spend quality time with his friends and family.