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This could be the only strategy you will need to push you to the top of Google page one! What’s that worth? Priceless!

Article marketing is a process that employs several stages. These include article writing, article spinning, and article submission. Let’s take a look at how Bloczone differs from other services and why this may be one of the most important aspects of SEO today.

Article Writing

Article writing has progressed to such an extent that it is touted as one of the most important strategies in achieving complete search engine optimization for a website that wants to carve a niche for its online business. You need to have good content around the internet, and here at Bloczone Marketing we are capable of producing compelling, effective and creative content that is rich in appropriate keyword density that is naturally interlaced throughout the article so that your website and web pages get easily lifted and indexed by the major search engines in the search engine results page.

Our experts have impeccable grammar skills, that are hard to find in outsourcers. Also they research and create content that drives home the point in a lucid yet concise manner to make the right impact on the target visitor who has visited a site that your article is submitted to. They are adept at creating content that is compelling to read and at the same time easily understood. Our experts will proofread the copy and then forward it to you for your perusal. Then it is on to the next step of the puzzle.

Article Spinning

This is a process that breaks down the article sentence by sentence, then word by word and then spins the article so that many articles are created from one seed article. Because of the way Bloczone breaks down the articles, every article looks and reads like a different article. This is a key in the submission process that most article submission companies don’t do. They place the exact same article in a bunch of article directories. Most of the time these articles don’t get indexed at all, meaning that Google and the other search engines never find them and basically it’s a waste of time and money.

We take our spun articles, that Google and the search engines will recognize as original content, and submit them as blog posts to indexed sites. These are sites that Google and the other search engines recognize and accept so you get credit for the links back to your website that are in the articles!

Drip Submission

This is a huge piece of the puzzle. We gradually submit the articles to blogs so that the links appear natural to the search engines. If your website got 200 links in a week or two it wouldn’t look natural and your site could get penalized. We wouldn’t want that. We place them slowly over a two month period so you are getting 2-6 links a day, that way it looks more natural.

High PR Sites

These are sites that have authority in the search engines and when you have links on sites with higher PR, Google and the other search engines give your site more respect.  At Bloczone we make sure your article gets placed on a number of higher pr sites as well as other blog sites.

Do Follow Links

Lastly your links in your articles are “do follow” links. Many times when you are trying to get backlinks to your site and are commenting on blogs and forums, your links are what is termed “no follow.” This means that the websites have put code into the site and told Google and the other search engines not to follow the link. They do this because each link on their site that goes to another website when clicked, takes a bit of their “link juice” away. If this sounds like jibberish to you, no problem, just know that links in articles are much more powerful then links in comments.



You get an article written for you with 3 links back to your website or facebook page, average cost to write an article $10-30. Then spun, you would need spinning software $79 plus 3-4 hours to correctly spin the article  $60-80 for labor, then drip submitted to indexed sites and some high pr sites, this takes hours to individually submit and schedule postings. Some companies charge $200-300 for  one high pr link. value of this part of the service $600-$1000.

We will guarantee you 100 “do follow,”  indexed links back to your site, including 18 pr1 – pr4  links for the one time price of $395. This is by far better then spending money trying to get social bookmarks, blog comments, and forum posts.

Don’t waste another day! Our strategy will actually cause your site to jump in the search engines. This is the same format we use with our private clients.

PRICE: $395

delivery time 60 days (includes dripping content)

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